Zoos vs wildlife

What animals live in the zoo?

In most zoos, the popular animals tend to be the large cats (lions, tigers), great apes (gorillas, chimps), giraffes, and pachyderms.

What animals are in captivity?

For this reason, animals in captivity can be a pro because it provides their survival. Otherwise, the animal would likely perish in the wild because of being unable to care for or defend themselves. Such animals that are in captivity because of this include dolphins, killer whales, chimpanzees, and many more.

What are the benefits of animals in captivity?

List of Pros of Animals in Captivity. 1. It gives certain species a better chance of survival. Sometimes an animal gets wounded or might not be able to survive the harsh conditions in the wild during certain seasons. By placing them in shelters or zoos they will be able to recover from their injuries and be protected.

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