Who is the guide at Elephant Nature Park?

Where is the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand?

Elephant Nature Park, a unique conservation project set in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand has been in operation since in the 1990’s with a goal to provide a sanctuary and elephant rescue center. We have been involved in dozens of rescues and sustain a natural home for this endangered species.

Where to see the elephants in Chiang Mai?

After much research we opted to spend a day’s tour at the Elephant Nature Park as it is renowned to be the most ethical amongst the vast array of elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai.

Who is the Elephant Whisperer in Southeast Asia?

The founder is a little, totally fearless lady called Lek Chailert who is regarded by many as the elephant whisperer. Her foundation, save elephants.org has numerous projects under its umbrella throughout Southeast Asia. During the pandemic, elephants at the many adjacent riding camps in the area have suffered greatly.



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