Where to find Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA?

How many animals are at the Global Wildlife Center?

I suggest to get that if you can because it lets you feed the animals the entire time. There are over 3,000 animals including 1,200 deer. Clyde the camel, zebras, llamas, cows, giraffes, etc. The tour guide came on speaker phone and gave details about the Center.

Is it worth it to go to Global Wildlife Center?

Yes, it is worth it for several reasons. First, you get to go off-trail to see more of the animals up close which the group tour does not do. Second, you run the risk of being with a group tour that could have a loud/sick/screaming/obnoxious child (or adult) with them.

Are there giraffes at the Global Wildlife Center?

Kids and adults loved the giraffes sticking their heads in or by the windows to be fed. It was well worth the trip and the price for 63 and older. The staff was all friendly. Abby on the switchboard was so sweet to tell me how to pin my location and send it to her personal phone so she could figure out where we were and guide us to the center.



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