Where is the gorilla at the Los Angeles Zoo?

Is the Los Angeles Zoo open for the season?

Visitors look at the meerkat exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo, which reopened Tuesday. The park was closed for more than two months. Copy Link URL Copied! A gorilla sat on a blanket on a secluded grassy patch in an enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo and calmly munched lettuce leaves.

Who are the people who adopted the gorilla at the zoo?

Atkinson, 64, and Brown, 73, symbolically “adopted” a gorilla from the zoo for Valentine’s Day. They trekked up from Seal Beach to see their fur baby. Some families with children said they were there for an educational experience. Others just seemed happy to be out under the sun.

How many people can go to the Los Angeles Zoo?

Capacity at the Los Angeles Zoo is limited to 2,400 people per day. The animals are less concerned with whether they’re observed, Kwan added. Though several human onlookers surmised Tuesday that the animals had missed them, Kwan said the keepers haven’t noticed any behavioral changes during the closures.



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