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Where are Honda outboards made?

Honda produces 4-stroke outboard engines at Hosoe Plant* in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and supplies them to North America and Europe, the two main markets, as well as to other markets around the world.

Are Tohatsu and Nissan outboards the same?

Nissan outboard motors are produced by Tohatsu Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. … Mercury outboards from 30 hp and below are rebadged Tohatsus and all Nissan outboard engines in the US and Canada are Tohatsu’s with a Nissan decal. Nissan Outboards sold in Japan are re-badged Hondas.

Who makes Tohatsu outboard engines?

In 1987, Mercury Marine and Tohatsu Corporation created a joint venture called Tohatsu Marine Corporation (TMC) to manufacture smaller outboards. Right now all Mercury models 30 horsepower and less are manufactured by TMC in Japan.

Where are Tohatsu engines made?

All Tohatsu outboard motors are produced in Japan. Here are some key dates and figures leading up to this historic moment for Tohatsu. 1988 Tohatsu Marine Corporation was established in Okaya City, Nagano.

What is E TEC Evinrude?

The reinvented Evinrude E-TEC G2 is the first Evinrude outboard completely designed and built, start-to-finish, by BRP. The end result is an engine that redefines outboard performance. View Performance Features +

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