What makes a sperm whale different from other whales?

How big was the largest sperm whale in the world?

The largest animal weighed in whole was a sperm whale which measured 18 metres (59 ft) long and weighed 53 tonnes (52 long tons; 58 short tons). The largest sperm whale weighed in piecemeal was 18.1 metres (59 ft) long and weighed 57 tonnes (56 long tons; 63 short tons).

How are sperm whales hunted in the 19th century?

In the 19th century, sperm whales were hunted using rowboats and hand-thrown harpoons, a rather dangerous method, as the whales sometimes fought back.

Where are the blowholes located on a sperm whale?

The S-shaped blowhole is located very close to the front of the head and shifted to the whale’s left. This gives rise to a distinctive bushy, forward-angled spray. The sperm whale’s flukes (tail lobes) are triangular and very thick. Proportionally, they are larger than that of any other cetacean, and are very flexible.



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