What kind of milk does a hippo produce?

Why does a hippo have a pink belly?

While it’s true that the exterior of a hippo could sometimes appear pinkish due to the animal’s secretion of hippusudoric acid, this phenomenon does not produce pink milk: Like all mammals, hippos produce white or off-white milk for their young.

When do female hippos attack for their milk?

Female hippos are most likely to attack when they are pregnant or taking care of their young, and few are brave enough to tangle with a mad 3,000-pound (1,361-kilogram) momma just to get a glimpse of her milk [source: Mason ].

Where does a hippo live in the world?

Hippos once had a broader distribution but now live in eastern central and southern sub-Saharan Africa, where their populations are in decline. “Something had gone under me, and I called, ‘Kubu!



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