What kind of habitat does the diamondback rattlesnake live in?

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The eastern diamondback rattlesnake inhabits upland dry pine forest, pine and palmetto flatwoods, sandhills and coastal maritime hammocks, longleaf pine / turkey oak habitats, grass-sedge marshes and swamp forest, cypress swamps, mesic hammocks, sandy mixed woodlands, xeric hammocks, and salt marshes, as well as wet prairies during dry periods.

Where to find Eastern Diamondbacks in South Florida?

Eastern diamondbacks are found throughout Florida, primarily in areas that contain palmetto thickets including pine flatwoods, sand pine scrub, and longleaf pine and turkey oak habitats.

Is the eastern diamondback rattlesnake a silent snake?

One popular myth is that the eastern diamondback rattlesnake must rattle before striking. To the contrary, it is quite capable of striking while remaining completely silent. Hawks, eagles, and other snakes have been known to prey upon young and adolescent specimens of C. adamanteus .

What do Diamondbacks do during the mating season?

Diamondbacks are mostly solitary. During the mating season, however, males compete for breeding females by asserting their dominance. They lift the front of their bodies, entwine one another, and then try to throw each other to the ground by pushing with their bodies and necks.



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