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What is better for you albacore or tuna?

Albacore is a better source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than other tuna species. It’s also higher in mercury, so pregnant women and children should limit the amount they eat.

Which is healthier albacore or chunk light tuna?

Chunk light tuna also provides one-third the fat and slightly more protein, 22 grams per 3 ounces versus 20 grams. … Chunk light tuna contains less sodium than albacore. Albacore, however, contains more heart-healthy omega-3 fats with 808 milligrams versus 239 milligrams in chunk light.

Which canned tuna is healthiest?

Canned light tuna is the better, lower-mercury choice, according to the FDA and EPA. Canned white and yellowfin tuna are higher in mercury, but still okay to eat.

What does albacore tuna taste like?

Fresh Albacore has a mild to medium flavor profile with firm flesh and large flakes. Like other tunas, it has a “steak-like” texture, but less firm than Yellowfin or Bigeye Tuna. It does however have a higher fat content which gives it a richness of taste. Albacore Tuna is also called Tombo Tuna.

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