What does go bananas mean?

What is the origin of the phrase Going Bananas?

The term going bananas is not as old as one may think, it has its roots on American college campuses in the 1960s. It is believed that the term going bananas is a term that evolved from the idiom going ape, which also means to go crazy, to explode with anger or to erupt with enthusiasm.

Is eating 3 bananas a day bad?

Eating too much banana will harm the body and health more than it benefits. Hence, you should be careful eating this nutritious food. English and Italian researchers discover that eating 3 bananas a day will be good for health and provide enough potassium for the body, reduce the risk of blood clots in brain and strokes.

Why are bananas bad for your health?

this is more common to an unripe banana. … Nutrient imbalance: One thing that your body needs a whole lot is nutrients. … Digestive problems: Bananas contain a good amount of fiber. … Weight gain: This is one of the reasons why people on a low-calorie diet wouldn’t opt for bananas. …




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