What do you need to know about the giraffe?

How tall is a full grown giraffe in feet?

Roaming open savannas and woodlands in herds, giraffes forage for leaves, fruits and flowers at treetop heights that other mammals cannot reach. The typical Giraffe has an overall height of 18’-20’ (5.5-6.0 m) and body length of 7.5’-8.5′ (2.2-2.6 m).

How to 3D print a giraffe family ornament?

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How can giraffe improve the quality of built form mapping?

We have been able to rapidly reduce the time and improve the quality of our built form mapping including indicative 3D building footprints, hosted spatial layers on a web browser and utilise a vast array of flexible features” There are experienced architects and planners on the Giraffe team.




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