What do you called a female Peacock?

How do you tell if a peacock is male or female?

If the vent has a small protrusion or bump, the peachick is male. If the vent is a smooth area, the peachick is female. Allow the peachicks to grow for two months. Male peacocks will have longer legs than the females. If you measure the legs at approximately two months of age, the males should have slightly longer legs.

What does a female peacock look like?

In a peahen, the crest has brownish feathers. The male peacock has blue neck feathers that look like fur, whereas the female has dense metallic green (or bluish) feathers that look like scales. Females have a tendency to fluff their neck feathers in between.

How do you tell a male peacock from a female Peacock?

The length of the peacock’s tail feathers also helps to distinguish male peacocks from female peacocks. Male peacocks usually have tail feathers that measure between 2 feet and 5 feet long. Male feathers have a range of colors, while female peacocks lack a train of feathers all together.



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