What do Gorrilas eat in there natural habitat?

What types of plants are in gorillas habitat?

They are called succulent plants . In addition to tropical forests, gorillas can live in other types of habitat: dense old-growth forests, areas along the edges of forests with high concentrations of low vegetation, mountain and sub-mountain forests, swamp forests and savannah forests.

What is the endangered status of gorillas?

Mountain gorillas are one such animal group that fall under the endangered conservation status . These majestic beasts are indigenous to three countries – Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority of mountain gorillas today reside in protected game reserves.

Why are gorillas in danger?

And the most common reason why gorillas are endangered is mainly because of humans. Gorillas are endangered because of the continuous human invasion in their natural territory. Gorillas which are first believed to be tree dwelling are in fact living on vacant fields, damped stumpy land forest, clearings, swamps,…



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