What do African masks symbolize?

What is an African death mask?

Traditional African masks play an important role in certain traditional African rituals and ceremonies. … Some masks represent the spirits of deceased ancestors. Others symbolize totem animals, creatures important to a certain family or group.

Are African masks valuable?

Most African masks are fakes. … If a mask measures up well to all of these, chances are you will have to pay a lot for it. The good news is that these high-quality pieces will most likely appreciate in value. Fakes, reproductions, tourist junk, and authentic-but-inferior masks are not a good investment.

How can you tell if an African mask is real?

Look for wear from forehead, cheeks, chins and noses. The mask should look like it’s been handled. 3. Smell the mask for the hint of smoke odor that may have come from a mask being used near ritual fires or stored in houses heated by wood.16 апр. 2012 г.

What kind of masks do people wear in Africa?

Chokwe mask ~ Songye mask ~ Punu mask ~ Goli mask ~ Shona mask ~ Teke mask ~ Fang mask ~ Tikar mask ~ Bauole mask ~ Guro mask ~ Maasai mask ~ Swazi mask ~ Kwele mask Many African societies see African masks as mediators between the living world and the supernatural world of the dead, ancestors and other entities.

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Who is the creator of the African mask?

Ghanaian artisan K. Baka hand-carves this African mask of sese wood in a long diamond shape. He hand-paints it with beautiful, multicolored motifs for a lovely addition to your home decor. Ghanaian artisan Abdul Aziz Mohamadu designs this striking mask.

How are the masks of the Akan tribe made?

Each of these tribes has unique stories and ethics which accompany their masks. The Ghanaian Mask collection displays work from the largest tribe of Akan to the smaller tribes of Ga-Adangbe. The masks are created through masterful work of materials such as leather, metals, fabrics and woods.

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