What are the best Sonic the Hedgehog games?

How fast is Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow the hedgehog runs at a speed of 299,338 kilometers per second. This translates to almost exactly 186,000 miles per second. This is significantly faster than Sonic the Hedgehog’s ability to run 3,840 miles per second.

How tall is Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow is a Mobian Hedgehog created to be the Ultimate Lifeform and stands at 3’3 ft. He has black, red and white fur and red eyes.

What powers does shadow the Hedgehog have?

Shadow’s abilities in Shadow the Hedgehog are similar to those from Sonic Adventure 2. He can jump and jump dash/homing attack, as well as spin dash, light dash, and slide to attack while running, and can perform a punch-punch-kick combo.



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