What are some traits of a meerkat?

What are the habits of a meerkat?

Food/Eating Habits. Meerkats primarily eat insects, such as grubs and termites , but will also eat small vertebrates, eggs and some plant matter. They may chew on tsama melons and dig up roots for water. They are very possessive of their food and defend their prey from other members of their pack.

What are the special features of a meerkat?

Body Features Eyes. The dark markings around a meerkat’s eyes act like built-in sunglasses, deflecting the rays of the desert sun and therefore allowing them to see their surroundings clearly. Mouth. Being carnivores meerkats have incredibly sharp teeth, designed for crunching through the exoskeleton of insects (their main prey item). Claws. … Scent Glands. …

What animal looks like a meerkat?

The animal that you might find out there that might look most like a meerkat, although with different habits, is possibly the ringtail, Bassariscus. Ringtails are kin to raccoons, but with a slimmer body.

What are facts about meerkats?

  • Meerkats are considered both carnivores and omnivores

  • Meerkats eat both plants and animals. …

  • Meerkats like to eat scorpions

  • Meerkats can catch a scorpion and pull off its poisonous stinger in the blink of an eye.

  • Meerkats have very little fat to store energy.

  • Meerkats are mostly seasonal breeders. …

  • The gestation period in meerkats lasts for about 11 weeks

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Do meerkat live with other?

  • Meerkats live together in big groups . Several meerkat families may live together to form a community called a mob, gang or clan. Such a group can include three to 50 meerkats, according to the Natural History Museum, and the mob’s dominant female leads the group. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

What are meerkats predators?

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