What are some interesting facts about African lions?

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What species are African lions?

This can get a bit complicated, so buckle up. Lions as a species are classified as panthera leo. This is the umbrella term for all lions everywhere. As for African lions, they come in two subspecies: Panthera leo leo (found in West and Central Africa ) Panthera leo melanochaita (found in East and Southern Africa)

Are there Lions in Africa?

Lions are found in parts of Africa and Eurasia . In Africa, lions live in Eastern African countries like Kenya and Tanzania as well as the Southern African countries like South Africa, Botswana , Zimbabwe, and Zambia . In Eurasia, lions live within the Gir Forest of northwestern India.

What do African lions do?

African lions are magnificent big catsw, found mainly in the plains of East Africa and western Africa south of the Sahara . They’re social, living life in prides according to a distinct hierarchy. Up to three males patrol and protect a territory while females hunt and tend to cubs.



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