What are facts about the northern white rhino?

What is the life span of a northern white rhino?

The lifespan of a northern white rhino It was estimated that the northern white rhino lived up to 40 years in the wild, and up to 45 – 50 years in captivity. However, for many decades it was very rare for this type of rhino to reach adulthood due to poaching.

Where are the last 2 northern white rhinos?

Mother and daughter Najin and Fatu are now the last two northern white rhinos left on Earth. Screengrab from video courtesy of WildAid . Northern white rhinos were once found across Uganda, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why is the northern white rhino extinct?

As poachers continue to go unchecked, several endangered species across the world face total extinction, the northern white rhino among them. This widespread problem, propelled by the high demand for rhinoceros horn, has pushed the northern white rhino near extinction, posing a heartbreaking scenario for conservationists everywhere.

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