Penguin a

Why are penguins an endangered species?

There are several reasons why penguins are endangered and all these reasons contribute to the level of extinction risk that penguins are facing. Here are some of the reasons why penguins are at risk. Global Warming – Global warming is one of the major risk factors that is creating adverse conditions for penguins.

What is special about a penguin?

Penguins are only found in a cold environment, this is why they have a special type of body that protects them from cold. Penguins are birds that dont fly; their feathers are too short to sustain flight. In fact, their flippers are more useful for swimming than for flying.

What are the features of a penguin?

Since a penguin is a bird, it shares the same body parts: a head with two eyes, two ears and a bill (beak), two wings (called flippers), two legs and a billion small feathers. Below are a few of these body parts or characteristics explained. Below is information on body shape, coloration, head, legs and tail.

What habitat does a penguin live in?

The habitat of the penguins varies from species to species, as they all possess particular climate necessities. Their habitat varies from the frost layer on Antarctica, such as the emperor penguin, to certain moderate islands nearby the equator, such as the Galapagos penguin. Moreover, few species of penguin live in Australia and South Africa.


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