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Is white or green asparagus healthier?

The healthy compounds in green asparagus differ from those found in the white vegetable, however. … White asparagus also contains antioxidants including phenolic acids and flavonoids; however, according to “Acta Horticulturae,” white asparagus spears have an overall lower antioxidant content than green spears.

Why is white asparagus white?

The way white asparagus is grown is that it’s covered in a thick layer of mulch and dark plastic so that no sunlight reaches the spears.This way the vegetable never gets a chance to turn green because no photosynthesis takes place.

Is purple asparagus better than Green?

White asparagus is just green asparagus that’s been grown without light and it has less nutritional value than green or purple colored asparagus. … Purple asparagus has a bit of a fruity flavor to it and tastes delicious raw. It also has more sugar than green or white asparagus and also has a lower amount of fiber.

Do you need to peel green asparagus?

The bottom woody inch or two of any asparagus should be discarded. Whether or not you peel the stalks depends upon their thickness. The larger the asparagus, the tougher the peel, and the more likely they are to need peeling. I usually peel the stalks if the asparagus is 1/2-inch in diameter or larger.

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