How long does it take to go through Blank Park Zoo?

Are there elephants at the Blank Park Zoo?

Blank Park Zoo is a proud supporter of 96 Elephants and has done a lot to help contribute to this cause.4 авг. 2016 г.

Does the Blank Park Zoo have an aquarium?

Myron & Jackie Blank Discovery Center Open year-round, the Discovery Center is home to birds, red pandas, dwarf caiman, fruit bats, Amazon rainforest, a water fall and a 15,000 gallon salt water aquarium.

Does Blank Park Zoo have food?

Outside Food Picnic grounds are available at Blank Park, just north of the parking lot. Concessions inside the Zoo are operated by Hy-Vee throughout the summer.

How big is the Blank Park Zoo?

The Blank Park Zoo manages 49 acres of land. Of that, 22 acres have been developed into animal exhibits or facilities.



Is the Blank Park Zoo ethical?

AZA SAFE Initiative The Blank Park Zoo is involved in AZA’s SAFE program, which allows for all AZA accredited zoos and aquariums to work together to save species on the brink of extinction. … Blank Park Zoo is proud to be an organization committed to conservation.

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Are there sloths at the Blank Park Zoo?

Found in the Discovery Center at the Blank Park Zoo, meet the two-toed sloth!

How many acres is niabi zoo?

During your visit you can see over 600 animals representing 200 species from around the world, all encompassed on more than 40 acres of picturesque forest preserve. See a sampling and learn more about the animals at Niabi.

How many zoos are in Illinois?

14 Zoos & Aquariums in Illinois: Map, Photos, + Reviews.

How many zoos are in Minnesota?

14 Zoos & Aquariums in Minnesota: Map, Photos, + Reviews.

How much is admission to Blank Park Zoo?

General admission to Blank Park Zoo. Children (1 year and under) – Free. Children (2 – 12 years) – $8.00. Adults (13 – 64 years) – $14.00. Senior Citizens (65+ years) – $11.00. Please read our Reopening Strategy and Enhanced Reopening Measures FAQ before you purchase.

When do Blank Park Zoo wild lights tickets go on sale?

Tickets are non-refundable. Blank Park Zoo Members: Please login with your membership ID to receive your special member price. This is a capacity controlled event. Please purchase tickets for the date you wish to attend. We apologize, all remaining festival evenings are SOLD OUT. Now – May 31. Festival open rain or shine.

What is the mission of Blank Park Zoo?

The mission of Blank Park Zoo is to inspire an appreciation of the natural world through conservation, education, research, and recreation. What does that mean? WHAT DOES IT TAKE to run your Zoo?

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How old do you have to be to be a grandparent at Blank Park Zoo?

Grandparent Plus: A grandparent membership with two guests of any age. Individual Plus: One named adult and one guest or two named adults with no guests. Click here for a Printer friendly membership form.

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