How do you make a sock puppet?

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How is a sock puppet created?

Fold the card. Fold a piece of card. … Put the mouth in place. Take the cardboard mouth and position it inside your sock. … Make a funky hairdo. Take some strands of wool and tie them together in the middle. … Glue on the hair and eyes. Glue your hair in place. … Make a friend for your sock puppet. …

What is the purpose of puppetry?

Puppetry occurs in almost all human societies where puppets are used for the purpose of entertainment through performance, as sacred objects in rituals, as symbolic effigies in celebrations such as carnivals, and as a catalyst for social and psychological change in transformative arts.

What is sock puppet?

A sock puppet is a puppet made from a sock or similar garment. The puppeteer wears the sock on a hand and lower arm as if it were a glove, with the puppet’s mouth being formed by the region between the sock’s heel and toe, and the puppeteer’s thumb acting as the jaw.



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