How did the Mangshan pit viper get its name?

What kind of prey does a Mangshan pit viper eat?

Mangshan Pit Vipers feed primarily on mammals, birds, insects, and frogs. Mangshan Pit Vipers are terrestrial ambush predators, meaning they find a spot on or near the ground to hide and wait for prey to pass them, after which they strike.

Where can you find a pitviper in China?

This pitviper is found in mountainous regions in southern Hunan and northern Guangdong at elevations of 2,620 – 4,270 ft (800 – 1,300 m) asl. Although first discovered in the Mt. Mang mountain range, it is also found in surrounding areas, primarily in subtropical montane forest with thick vegetation and cover.

How big is the tail of a pit viper?

The last 4 inches (10cm) of their tails are a bright white colour. Their eyes match their skin colouration, and are also various shades of green. As with most pit vipers they have large triangular heads, with pits between the eye and nostril. They also have tube like fangs, that are an average of .8 inches (2cm) long. 2.



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