How can I make a dragon follow me?

When did Imagine Dragons follow you come out?

“Follow You” and its B-side “Cutthroat” marks the first songs from American pop-rockers Imagine Dragons since June 2019’s “Birds (Remix).” The pair of tracks also act as the…

Is there really a dragon that follows Your Gaze?

Another Brain-Melting Illusion: The Dragon That Follows Your Gaze. Here’s looking at you, kid. I have another fun illusion for you today! I’ve received a lot of notes from folks pointing to a video showing a cutout Tyrannosaurus rex that seems to turn its head and follow you as you move.

How to make a Hollow Face illusion Dragon?

Make sure that along with checking the fold orientation, also check it with the image below. When you are done folding, tape on the tabs around the mouth and base of the dragon. This is pretty simple. Just close one eye, and stare at the dragon’s head. Move it or yourself around a little, and watch as the head pops out and follows you!



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