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Can you replace white sugar with caster sugar?

Caster sugar and granulated sugar can be substituted for each other, although using caster sugar creates better meringues which ‘melt in the mouth’ better as the finer crystals are more easily dissolved. Saying that, it wouldn’t be a disaster at all if granulated sugar was used.

What can I use in place of caster sugar?

The best substitute for golden caster sugar is dark brown sugar and muscovado sugar. Both dark brown sugar and muscovado sugar gives intense flavor to the dish that it is added to. Another viable substitute for caster sugar is powdered sugar.

Is caster sugar the same as normal sugar?

No, it’s not the same thing. Granulated sugar is normal table sugar and caster sugar has a coarseness between granulated sugar and powdered sugar. You can get it in the baking aisle and it’s called baking sugar. This type of sugar definitely gives a better texture in recipes that require it.

Is caster sugar and icing sugar the same?

What Is the Difference Between Caster and Icing Sugar? … Caster sugar is finely granulated sugar, usually about half the grain size of ordinary granulated sugar. Powdered sugar is very fine sugar and is usually mixed with cornstarch to prevent caking and to ensure smooth flowing.

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