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Are Tohatsu outboards made by Honda?

Honda Motor Co. will begin production of eight outboard models private-labeled for Tohatsu Corporation, beginning in November 2013. The motors are expected to be at Tohatsu dealers in 2014. … Its current 40 to 115 models are direct-injected two-strokes, while the 2.5 to 30 hp outboards are four-strokes.

How long do outboard engines last?

On average, an outboard motor will run about 1,500 hours or 7 to 8 years. Each outboard motor will be different but if you keep up maintenance and take care of the motor it can last much longer.

Which is better 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

Additionally, two-stroke engines are less fuel-efficient, get fewer miles per gallon and produce more emissions than four-stroke outboard motors. Four-Stroke Outboard Motors: A four-stroke engine works by running one compression stroke followed by an exhaust stroke. Each stroke is followed quickly by a return stroke.

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