What is the oldest water on Earth?

Where is the oldest ocean water found? By measuring the amount of remaining radiocarbon in ocean waters at different depths and different places around the world, we know that the deep Pacific holds the ocean’s oldest waters, which have been out of contact with the atmosphere for about 1000 years before they mix to the … Read more

Can a sand shark hurt you?

Are sand tiger sharks harmful? The sand tiger is often associated with being vicious or deadly, due to its relatively large size and sharp, protruding teeth that point outward from its jaws; however, these sharks are quite docile, and are not a threat to humans. Their mouths are not large enough to cause a human … Read more

Which bird speaks best?

Which parrot is the smartest? Parrots are smart with Kea parrot being the smartest of them all. These birds are intelligent, talented, and affectionate towards humans. They display logical and analytical abilities from time to time to prove their smartness. Many parrot species are good at learning new things because of their curious personalities.Jul 24, … Read more

Sears Adds Hitachi Tools to Retail and Online Stores

Consumers can now shop sears.com for a full line of products from Hitachi, including lithium-ion drill/drivers, power saws, routers, work lights and more. Hitachi’s high-powered HXP lithium ion battery technology is up to 40 percent lighter than standard Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh batteries with three times the battery life. The HXP battery is the power behind … Read more