Is age nominal or ordinal?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the topic of nominal versus ordinal data. Some people believe that age is a nominal variable, while others think it is an ordinal variable. we will explore the differences between these two types of data and determine which one age falls under. We will also discuss the pros … Read more

Who died on fast and loud?

Fans of the show Fast and Loud were in for a shock at the end of last season. While no one expected the death of character Kenny Richards, it still came as a surprise to many viewers. Season 9 was full of action-packed moments, but none were more shocking than the death of Kenny. In … Read more

Is Mrs Meyers Safe For Quartz?

If you’re like me, you love spending a lazy Sunday morning cleaning your house with a good, old-fashioned Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day product. They make my home smell amazing and I feel so much better knowing that I’m using eco-friendly products. But what about when it comes to using Mrs. Meyer’s on my quartz countertops? … Read more